Sunday, May 10, 2015

Hi-C Da Juice

First of let me say that I want to thank everybody that helps in moving this blog forward. We play music for the underdogs. I recently got to chat with Hi-C Da Juice this is what he told me.

Hi-C Da Juice: I love writing music and creating the best sound really is a passion. I sacrificed a lot of family time & hanging with friends to develop as an artist & really focus on my craft.

We Play Music: What are some things that sacrifice can teach you about life?

Hi-C Da Juice: Being with & without in this world teaches you a lot. Wanting to be successful is not enough. Working 365 might not be enough. No one can take that hungry feeling away. Those that try & not motivating you You Don't Need Em.

We Play Music: That's true. You definitely need people around you to help with the process. Do you think your circles have gotten smaller over the years?

Hi-C Da Juice: Yeah I lost plenty of ppl on this journey from jealousy and envy. Most of friends either dead or in jail and the fakes disappeared over time.

We Play Music: What are some of your short term and long term goals you have right now?

Hi-C Da Juice: My short term goals are 1. building a bigger fan base. 2. More promotion and better marketing strategies. 3. Keep Making Good Music.

We Play Music: Man keep doing what you are doing and thanks for the chat. I will keep in touch. Peace


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