Friday, May 15, 2015

Profit$DaProphet - Beneath Da Underground

Profit$DaProphet - Beneath Da Underground


Profit$DaProphet: "Trends come and go. Good music is for the soul and spirit, so 4ever it will be felt."


#SALUTE Black Treasure Committee


We Play Music: "What are some of your short term and long term goals? 


Profit$DaProphet: "Honestly I want the freshman cover. (lol)

Showing my staying power in this game and increase my company so that I could put people in situations to share their talent and collect from it."


 We Play Music: "I gotta say that I like a lot of the tracks on on the mixtape. Good work for real. Tell me about your process of turning ideas into records" 


Profit$DaProphet: "My process is to express my reality through other realities to keep my point felt and understood."


We Play Music: "No doubt. Tell me about two of the biggest lessons you've learned in the past year and half."


Profit$DaProphet: "Keep your business in order and it takes a team to do it. The second thing is, don't sale yourself (short stand your ground) know your worth."


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